The Complete Outdoor Experience


Create the ultimate outdoor experience with a complete custom outdoor room.

Mix and match from a wide selection of Select Series products and options to build a customized outdoor living area you will enjoy for years to come. Our designers can custom-design an outdoor room to fit and enhance your pool, garden, backyard and more.

Get inspired by our completed outdoor room projects below


Project 1

Room Concept-.jpg
Room Concept--2.jpg
Room Concept-13.jpg
Room Concept--4.jpg
Room Concept--3.jpg

Project 2

Room Concept-14.jpg
Room Concept-30-2.jpg
Room Concept-1938.jpg
Room Concept-1926.jpg
Room Concept-1923.jpg

Project 3

Room Concept-66.jpg
Room Concept--8.jpg
Room Concept--10.jpg
Room Concept-153.jpg
Room Concept-0851.jpg

Project 4

Room Concept--20.jpg
Room Concept-90.jpg
Room Concept-87.jpg
Room Concept-92.jpg
Room Concept-88.jpg

Project 5

Room Concept-151.jpg
Room Concept-136.jpg
Room Concept-131.jpg
Room Concept-133.jpg
Room Concept-134.jpg

Project 6

Room Concept-17.jpg
Room Concept-159.jpg
Room Concept-40.jpg
Custom MulitPiece Room_redshingle_HillAngle_screen_400px.jpg
Room Concept-15.jpg

Project 7

Room Concept-1176.jpg
Room Concept-1174.jpg
Room Concept-1164.jpg
Room Concept-1172.jpg
Room Concept-1166.jpg

Project 8

Room Concept-0996.jpg
Room Concept--13.jpg
Room Concept--12.jpg
Room Concept-0992.jpg
Room Concept-0999.jpg