The Half Dome

Our largest wood-burning fireplace, the Half Dome fireplace offers a 36" fire box in a wide base frame that works well as a stand-alone fireplace and focal point. If you have a large garden, the Half Dome will not get lost. If you need even more presence, add some seat walls and wood boxes and this fireplace stretches to over 20 feet in length. Arrives completely finished with forklift channels hidden  in the base for easy installation. Wood boxes and seat walls (separate pallet) easily attach. No masonry work required on site.

Fireplace size:  68” wide x 44” deep x 102” tall

  • Size with two wood boxes:  126” wide x 44” deep x 102” tall

  • Size with two seat walls:  186” wide x 44” deep x 102” tall

  • Size with two wood boxes & two seat walls:  244” wide x 44” deep x 102” tall

Stone Veneer Selection







Upgrades & Accessories

Arched Fire Box Opening_screen_300px.jpg

Arched Fire Box

Wood Boxes_screen_300px.jpg

Wood Boxes (pair)

Size: 30” x 30”

Gas Log Set_screen_300px.jpg

Gas Log Set w/key valve

Seat Wall Pair_screen_300px.jpg

Seat Walls (pair)

Size: 60” x 18”

Stone Mantle_screen_300px.jpg

Stone Mantle

Log Lighter_print_screen_300px.jpg

Log Lighter w/key valve

Chimney Extension_screen_300px.jpg

3’ Chimney Extension