Select Series Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Paddock Composite.jpg

The Paddock

The compact footprint of the Paddock outdoor kitchen fits easily on smaller decks and patios. Anchor a outdoor room with this model and have plenty of room for tables, chairs, and entertaining.

Triple Crown Composite.jpg

The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown is a large, L-shaped, outdoor kitchen island with counter seating for up to 7 people. Component side is big enough to accommodate additional drawers, doors and other components.

Infield Composite.jpg

The Infield

The Infield outdoor kitchen island fits into smaller spaces while providing seating for 2-3 people. Guests can interact with the cook while dinner is being prepared and it is a great option for small groups to gather for conversations.

Backstretch Composite.jpg

The Backstretch

With an 83” dining ledge, the Backstretch outdoor kitchen island can replace a dining set and offer guests a perch to interact with the cook. This also works well for planning a multi-zone outdoor environment.

Homestretch Composite.jpg

The Homestretch

The Homestretch Is an all-in-one outdoor kitchen island and fire table. This island packs a powerful entertaining punch as both an outdoor kitchen and fire table all-in-one. Invite your guests to mingle around the octagon shaped dining surface while the cook prepares the meal.